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T.C.B. Youth Mentoring is an after school program designed to teach teens the importance of financial planning, money management and personal responsibility. The goal of our program is to ensure that the teens involved are unaffected by the financial hardships that being born into a life of poverty might offer them. We strive to teach our students the importance of family, community, and social awareness. At TCB Youth Mentoring, we pride ourselves on being a program that welcomes all students regardless of race, gender, sexual identification or religious affiliation. 

The TCB Experience 

Our program does not only focus on financial matters, we also strive to meet the emotional and social needs of our students. The teens engage in daily group discussions with their peers. These discussions focus on social, political and educational matters that affect them. This gives them a chance to see through the eyes of others that are in different situations from themselves. They learn tolerance, respect and humility as result of their exposure to others.


As a result of our fundraising efforts we are able to take our teens on various group outings. Over the years, we have been able to travel to Cedar Point and Michigan’s Adventure. We have been able to take our students to various local skating rinks, malls, bowling alleys, laser tag & air soft arenas. We have also been fortunate enough to take our students to an assortment of concerts at the DTE Energy Music Theatre, Chene Park, and the Palace of Auburn Hills.


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The Importance of Education 

All of us at T.C.B. Mentoring recognize the importance of students getting a quality education. As a requirement of our program, our teens have to turn in monthly progress reports to their group mentor. Each student is required to maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or higher to participate in our program. Although some of our students may not start with a 2.5, they are urged to work hard to achieve this scholastic goal, and excel from there. T.C.B. Mentoring works with graduating seniors in the program to help direct them on the path of higher education. We guide them through the arduous task of securing financial resources that will help to make a college degree more attainable. There are programs available to our high school student to help them with ACT and SAT prep, as well as scholarship writing workshops. We are dedicated to education! This past year we have given away $2,500 in college scholarships.

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