Our Guiding Mission and Goal


Our Mission: Teach teens the importance of financial planning, money management and personal responsibility. Teens are taught taught the value of hard work and the importance of becoming a financial contributor in their family.

Our Goal:  Ensure that the teens involved are unaffected by the financial hardships that being born into a life of poverty might offer them.

We strive to teach our students the importance of family, community, and social awareness.

How TCB Started

TCB’s founder was 19 when he found himself scammed by a door-to-door sales company and was stranded 2,000 miles away from home. But as he puts it, God intervened! He was introduced to an after school youth work/mentoring program. This program taught young people how to regain control of the unimaginable circumstances that being born into a life of poverty had to offer them. The students worked in groups and sold newspaper subscriptions door-to-door after school. For their efforts, they were able to earn money, scholarships, trophies and trips. It was a truly awesome experience! So after three years on the west coast, he decided to bring the skills that he learned back home to help the struggling kids in his community. Once back in Michigan, he spent the next 10 years working with a more seasoned group that had resources, but Thomas had a larger vision. He branched out on to his own in January of 2013. 


Why TCB Youth Mentoring?  

The overall goal of T.C.B. Mentoring is to provide our teens with a support network that will help navigate them through the difficulties that come with being a teenager. We encourage them to develop great social, financial and personal values that will help them to become well rounded members of society that are willing to make changes for their generation and the generations to follow.


Our corporate partners are a key component to the success of TCB Youth Mentoring. 

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